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KZNLQA | Corporate Services | Background | Information Technology | Human Resources | Finance

1. Brief Background

The Corporate Services Unit is responsible for providing support services to the KZN Liquor Authority. It consists of the following business units; Financial Management, Supply Chain Management and Information Technology. This unit is headed by the Chief Financial Offer

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Head Office

2.The Mandate


      KwaZulu-Natal Liquor Licensing Act No. 06 of 2010

  • Corporate Services role is to ensure that the Kwa-Zulu Natal Liquor Authority has sound institutional arrangement with capacity that will result into full attainment of the objectives of the Act
  • Develop user friendly business processes and procedure manuals that will unpack processes to be followed during the execution of the Act

     Public Finance Management Act

  • Ensure that the finances of the entity are managed through the prescribed processes which stems from this Act.

     Promotion of Access to Information Act No. 2 of 2000

  • Ensure that through Information Technology, the general public is able to access information about the Entity.


3. Role and Functions 

Budget Functions: Finance section plans, directs and coordinates the formulation, preparation, execution, review and analysis of the Entity's operating budget and operating program.

Expenditure Functions: Records and makes payment of expenditures for each Business Unit and within the Entity.

Revenue Functions:  reviews all sources of revenue to ensure timely receipt. Revenue Section is responsible for collection of funds due to the Entity in respect of Liquor License fees and  any other sundry income which may be payable to the Entity.

Accounting Functions: provides financial reporting in compliance with all areas of generally recognised accounting principles and their governing bodies when preparing Annual Financial Statements.

Supply Chain Management Functions: This Sub-section ensures that goods and services which are required to advance the strategic objectives of the Entity are procured at the right time and right price and more importantly in a manner which in compliance with all applicable prescripts including the Supply Chain Management Act. Asset management as well as management of facilities reside within SCM.