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KZNLQA | Licensing and Admin


The Liquor Licensing and Administration Business provides a core function of the Liquor Authority.  It is the largest Unit of the Entity with staff complement of 32 and is responsible for all matters pertaining to licensing. The Unit has a physical visible presence in all the Municipal Districts of the Province, making easy accessibility for its existing and potential clients.

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Head Office


  • It is derived from the KwaZulu-Natal Liquor Licensing Act 2010 (Act 06 of 2010) as amended.
  • The Unit is responsible for receiving, processing of liquor license applications and provide secretariat services to both local committee and adjudicating committee of the KwaZulu-Nata Liquor Authority.


  • Receive, process, check and prepare all types of liquor license applications for consideration by the Board
  •  Provide reference numbers to applicants for payment of lodgement fees
  • Manage the Call Centre
  • Manage the district offices
  •  Manage Registry section
  • Prepare application for the Local Committees
  • Print and dispatch liquor licenses